Ten interesting facts you should know about June

redrose birthflower of june June is the month with the longest daylight hours of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

June's birthstone is the pearl, the Moonstone and the Alexandrite.

The June birth flower is the Rose (Rosa) and the Honeysuckle (Lonicera).

In 2009 June was the 662 most popular name for girls in the USA.

Anglo-Saxons gave the June the name Sera monath (Dry month).

In the USA March is National Nutrition Month, National Peanut.

June is derived from either Juno goddess of marriage or from iuniores (young people.

In both common and leap years, no other month begins on the same day of the week as June.

June is international men's month.

June has the shortest daylight hours of the year in the Southern Hemisphere.

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