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the kremlin in moscow Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation and has the highest population of any Russian City with an population approaching 12,000,000. It is also the most populous city on the European continent.

The city of Moscow covers over 264,000 acres.

Moscow has more billionaires than any other city in the world.

There are 182 metro stations, the first being built in 1935.

Moscow was sacked in 1238 by the Mongols. The Mongols burned much of the city and killed thousands of it's inhabitants.

Moscow is situated on the banks of the Moskva River, from which it gets it's name.

The city hosted the Summer Olympic Games in 1980. The games were boycotted by the United States and many other western countries due to the Soviet Union's invasion in Afghanistan in 1979.

The Moscow zoo attracts over 1.2 million visitors per year.

There are on average 290 square feet of parks per person in Moscow.

There are an estimated 2.6 million cars in the city on any given day.

Bonus Moscow Facts

In 2011, Moscow ranked third on the list of most expensive cities in the world.

There are 1696 high schools and 91 colleges in Moscow.

The city is divided into 10 administrative okrugs and 123 districts.

Moscow has 63 sports stadiums.

FC Spartak Moscow has won more titles in the Russian Premier League than any other football team.

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